Would you like to help us staff our inner city community? We are needing to raise $700 in monthly support to continue community transformation – bringing life, love, light, truth and hope into one of the most complex exploited areas of town.  We opened our doors with the vision to see individuals, families and communities fulfilling God’s purpose for their lives – aware, restored, empowered and free!

To see this accomplished we are empowering the children, and plan to facilitate the starting of new viable businesses, offer life and job skills assessment and training, as well as marriage and parenting tools.

The community center we’ve rented has been very successful! We are loving on this impoverished community by offering free English programs, homework help, art, science, sports and games. Through these activities, we also teach Christian values, healthy living, and demonstrate unconditional love for the exploited kids, ages 4-14.

Thank you for being part of transforming this inner city community!

$2000 monthly needed. Donate here!