One of the words that God shared with us the first time we ever prayed as a budding team was “restoring families.”  Nearly every time we pray, restoration and families are common themes.  As we’ve planned strategically to follow through on all that God is doing, one of the ways that we can reach whole families is by offering outreaches to families and their communities.  Most of these are unreached people groups.  However, what if the message that’s on God’s heart could also reach the church?  What if the believers were a model of families being restored and a role model for their relatives and villages?  Our team goes regularly into areas most saturated by human trafficking, and we share with local pastors, their wives, and school children about human trafficking – what it is, how it happens, and who to contact when they suspect it.  For them, they are already directly affected in one way or another.  We offer marriage seminars, parenting seminars, talking about their value as an individual and who they are in Christ.  They then take these messages to other villages who are also directly affected. The areas we go to are known for drugs, trafficking, and staggering HIV+ population.  But here comes Jesus, loving unconditionally.

For each outreach, we need approximately $400 to cover food for the community, transportation, and housing for our team.  If you’d like to help us cover this cost, please contact us!

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