Our 418 tr’fficking awareness movie will be in 10+ languages and reach thousands of children and prevent them from being tricked into being sold across Southeast Asia and globally.

When a single male arrives to an Asian nation and hails a cab, the driver offers to take him to a young, new girl. Virgins have a higher price on them. Most services range from $5 up. These young girls are daughters. Some are already teenage moms, trying make ends meet and provide for their babies and family. They have value and purpose, but they’ve never been told that. What they’ve been told is that the brothel work is their destiny, that they are abused and exploited because of their own wrongdoing in this life and the last.

We dream of a world without slaves. We long for our kids to be proud of their parents’ generation for eradicating human trafficking. It takes a lot of effort on all of our parts, and we can do this together.

Knowing the horrific deception that traff’ckers and agents use to humiliate and break down a child’s will, and experiencing first-hand the long path to healing which they face should they be lucky enough to be rescued, we are now preventing traff’cking BEFORE it happens, in addition to after. While our ministry is involved in healing and restoration of girls, we are proud to stem the tide of youth being traff’cked into the trade in the first place.

We joined hands with a large local producer to create a feature film for the purpose of preventing s’x tr’fficking at the source. This 1-hour drama movie is bringing awareness of human traff’cking to the poorest, highest at-risk communities in Asia, which is one of the primary sources of sex slaves. Our unique anti-traff’cking drama movie is contextualized to be appropriate across the borders into the entire region of Asia. Because of the expertise of many local contributors, this movie will be relevant and effective for the numerous cultures where agents recruit from.

The movie has been completed and is now being dubbed into the native languages of the most at-risk people groups and surrounding nations’ languages with similar cultures. It has already been uploaded onto Youtube and freely distributed on DVD and other media forms through schools, NGO’s, churches, outreach teams and mission organizations. We plan for it to be broadcast on TV and in movie theaters if allowed by the authorities in these target nations.

Thank you for helping us to eradicate slavery in our time!