Thanks to monthly donors, we now have phases 1, 2, and 3 of rescue & healing homes for young girls who have survived sex trafficking. The are now physically free and journeying towards inner freedom and getting the education needed in order to fulfill God’s purposes for their lives.

For every 2-year commitment of a  $180 / month sponsorship, we can take in another rescued survivor! If you or a group of friends would like to sponsor a survivor, please contact us ASAP. We are ready to open our next rescue home and take 4-6 more girls.

Our current rescue and restoration homes need another $200 per month to cover overhead costs.

We plan to hire a local family to run our 2nd rescue home and only need $200/month more to raise for their support.

We plan to open our next rescue home in August 2016 and are raising $700/month for rent.