We exist to help transform
those affected by sexual exploitation,
and their communities,
through education and holistic healing,
so that they can find complete freedom and
reach their full potential in Christ.

Sexually exploited individuals, families and communities
fulfilling God’s purpose for their lives –
aware, restored, empowered and free.

Freedom – seeking God’s desire for all people to be free from fear and bondage in body, soul and spirit – and for all people to be free to fulfill their purpose in Christ.

Holistic – serving the whole person, family unit, and community to bring complete physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wholeness and health in Christ.

Sustainable – helping to establish people and projects that are God honoring and able to function healthily and effectively for the foreseeable future without draining resources.

Education – committing to lifelong learning and growth, including encouraging and providing ongoing opportunities for a school education, spiritual development, mentoring, coaching, counseling, and the development of essential life and job skills.  This includes staff development, and periodic reflection and evaluation of self and teams.

Love – Loving each individual, family and community with the love of Christ.  Every person has infinite value in God’s eyes and is deserving of our unconditional love, respect and honor, just as Jesus Christ does for us.

Community – Transforming communities by bringing Christ’s morals and values to families, producing safe and life-giving communities.

Journey – Walking alongside and experiencing life with others on God’s path to full restoration through friendships, prayer, healing, mentoring, coaching and discipleship.  This includes the ongoing daily discovery of who Jesus is, who God created each person to uniquely be, and the fulfilling of God’s specific purposes for each person’s life.

Prayer – All that we are and all that we do comes from a place of connectedness with the ever living God, our Father, Savior, and lover of our souls.

  • Prayer, Worship, Intercession

    From Unction to Action. All that we do is from a place of connecting with the heart of God in order to bring His light and love into dark places.

  • Awareness

    Bringing awareness through Family Camps, teaching English anti-trafficking curriculum in schools, producing awareness videos to show in villages and communities, awareness comic books for every student, and flyers to deliver to businesses.

  • Interim Work

    While in safe housing, we offer interim work opportunities, so that the survivors can send money home to their families to eat.   Poverty is the main cause of trafficking and exploitation.

  • Healing and Purpose

    While in safe housing, we journey alongside the survivors of sex trafficking – loving & guiding them through the healing process, with professional counseling, inner healing & discipleship. We then coach them into discovering God’s true purpose for their lives.

  • Career Training

    Once they realize God’s purpose for their lives, we help them get the education and skills needed to fulfill those dreams.