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For US citizens to receive a tax deduction, see below.

How to Donate:

  • For US citizens to make a tax deductible donation, click here.

Under “Designate,” select “Rescue Home – Freedom” to support our rescued teenage girls.
Under “Designate,” select “Dream Weavers – Freedom” to support our community center.
Under “Designate,” select “A Love Betrayed -Freedom” to support our movie distribution into Southeast Asia.

  • Donors in Sweden can give to our Swedish account via our Swish number:1231732585 or fill in the “Contact us” form to request the account information.
  • Donors in Canada can make a tax deductible donation to our Chimp Campaign .

After making a donation, please fill in the “Contact us” form and let us know to expect it, so that we can double check that it is in our account and mark our fundraisers with success! 

  • Drop-in Center Activities

    Support and English camp and/or supplies for our after-school programs as we bring hope and life to the kids ages 4-14 and their families – in one of the most needy and exploited areas of town – $100

  • Full-Time Local Staff

    Help us legally hire social workers, case workers, counselors, and teachers to help the youth, as we journey alongside individuals, families and communities to bring holistic freedom and restoration. $300-$500 / month hires one full-time local staff, depending on their education and experience – or $3600-$6000 for the year

  • Distribution

    Support the distribution of our trafficking awareness movie via TV, theaters, village & school outreach, DVD, USB’s, and advertising – $3000 currently needed

  • Sponsorships for Survivors

    Become a monthly sponsor for a young survivor at $200/month (minimum 2-year commitment). 9 sponsors currently needed.

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