Helping to bring the whole person, families and communities affected by sexual exploitation to wholeness in Christ through…


From Unction to Action. All that we do is from a place of connecting with the heart of God in order to bring His light and love into dark places. We run a House of Prayer at our community center.


Bringing trafficking awareness through Family Camps, teaching anti-trafficking in schools, writing an awareness movie to show in villages and communities, and collaborating with our partners to prevent human trafficking.


Community Transformation through getting to know the key leaders and kids (ages 4-14), as well as youth and young adults in an impoverished community, then being faithful to care for them and bring them into fulfilling God’s awesome plan for their lives. We run a community center in an exploited area of town.


While in safe housing, surrounded by a loving healing environment, we offer education, job skills, and interim work opportunities, so that the survivors can grow, heal, and send money home to their families to eat. Poverty is the main cause of trafficking and exploitation. We run healing homes.


While in safe housing, we journey alongside the survivors of sex trafficking – loving & guiding them through the healing process, with professional counseling, inner healing & discipleship. We then coach them into discovering God’s true purpose for their lives.


Once they realize God’s purpose for their lives, we help them get the education and skills needed to fulfill those dreams.