• Pray for the governments to treat all people equally, with equal value, and to have an encounter with Jesus.
  • Pray for the police, investigators and lawyers to obtain solid evidence that they need to prosecute.
  • Pray for justice to reign on the earth.
  • Pray for the traff’ckers to FEEL again – to feel conviction, guilt, and be drawn to repentance.
  • Pray for the victims to have the courage to pursue freedom, and for divine protection while they find a safe place to have a new start.
  • Pray for wisdom for our staff as they journey with survivors to complete healing and freedom.
  • Pray for the families of victims to receive them with open arms rather than shame & disgrace when they return.
  • Pray for families and communities to become aware of the value of the individual, and to understand and fulfill God’s potential for every person’s life.
  • Pray for safety for those at the grass roots level who are in dangerous places with dangerous people trying to bring justice and righteousness to dark places.
  • Pray as you are led in your heart and mind to pray, because we pray to a God who hears, who is compelled to move into action just because we ask.
  • $1 pays for an entire meal for a girl who has been rescued and taken into our future Healing & Freedom Center!  EVERY dollar counts. We seek 5 sponsors for each young survivor at $200/month (minimum 2-year commitment), totaling $1000/month sponsorship per girl. This covers their education, 1-1 staff to girl care, housing, utilities, food, job skills training, social workers, court cases, and all other regular expenses for that girl at our healing homes.
  • Start-up costs for our next rescue home – fixing up the plumbing and electric to standard, beds, mattresses, sofa, dining, kitchen & appliances.  $10,000 to set up our next rescue home! We are ready!
  • Sponsor our amazing staff at our community center – total of $700/month needed.
  • Sponsor a Family Camp or community outreach for a whole community or for the leaders of numerous communities for $400-500 per camp/outreach.
  • Sponsor an English Camp to reach kids in highly trafficked areas for $100 per camp.
  • Help with distribution of our awareness movie which will reach tens of thousands of the highest risk peoples in SE Asia – $3,000+ USD for movie theatre rental and Prime TV slot.
  • Sponsor our annual staff retreat or staff training: $1500 per year.

How to Donate

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